Mentored contribution table at Drupal South. Photo by Si Hobbs.

Mentor Summit - Australia / Asia timezones

Rachel Lawson Contribution Mentor

Welcome to the Mentor Summit, held in Australian / Asian timezones.


Register/Login to this website and then Click the Enrol button in the sidebar. You will then be registered and can return here on 17th September where you will find a big red Join Meeting button in the sidebar. Come in and join us!

You will also find a “add this to my calendar” option above so you don’t forget.


The schedule is below, all in AEST:


Main Stage

1500 Introductions, why we mentor, how we organise – Brian Gilbert and Rachel Lawson

Mentoring Tools and Processes

1530 Core Contribution Mentoring process at Traditional DrupalCon Events – Brian Gilbert

1615 Core Contribution Mentoring process at Virtual DrupalCon Events – Rachel Lawson

1630 Issue queue triage – Brian Gilbert

Mentoring Activities

1650 Become a Part of Drupal’s Growth: The Promote Drupal Initiative – Shefali Shetty

Mentoring Futures

1710 Issue Forks and Merge Requests Demo – Tim Lehnen

1730 DrupalPod - Start Drupal Contributions with 1 Click – Ofer Shaal

1750 Training, Testing and Contribution Templates – Salim Lakhani


1820 Wrapup and joining the next contribution event – Brain & Rachel