Welcome to the Drupal Contributions!

Whether it is writing code for new features, testing that new code, finding bugs, documenting how to use Drupal, building marketing resources for organizations to use, providing learning and education, or mentoring others building their skills in any of these ways

… there is a place for you to make your mark.

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The DrupalCon Code of Conduct applies here.

How to Get Started

Our three steps to success using this contribution website

1. Create yourself an account

Everybody, whether they are a DrupalCon participant or not, is encouraged to take part in Drupal contribution so we cannot use your DrupalCon account here, you need to make a new one.

We hope to connect this website to your drupal.org account at some point in the future for single sign-on so it is wise to use the same username here as you have there.

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2. Watch our videos, introducing the Drupal.org issue queues and how we collaborate.

The Drupal community use a project system of issues to help us all know what needs working on - everybody is encouraged to create and comment on issues for every action they take to contribute to the Drupal project.

Watch the videos.

3. Decide where to go next:

You are looking to find a way to participate in today's initiative

Then you want to join today's Initiative Group! Once joined, you want to think about how to find something to work on...

i. Join the "Reception" event happening in that group

Join the group for today as detailed above and then look at the "Events" tab. Join the Reception event and come into the video room. Introduce yourself using the chat and we will help you to find the right place. We will divide people up into groups to work on issues and initiative leads and mentors will be available to help you.

 Drupal 10 Readiness Group



ii. Join a Topic that grabs your attention inside that Group.

Each Initiative Day, we have a Group for that initiative and in there we have a list of Topics you can join. Browse the list of topics, read what the participants working on that topic are attempting to achieve and post a comment on that topic to say hello and find ways to help.

Anyone is very welcome to keep checking back into the Reception event Zoom any time they like, to ask questions of contribution mentors or initiative maintainers, find the next thing of interest to work on, or just to hang out!

You plan to contribute to things other than today's strategic initiative

That's great!

Everyone is welcome to contribute in any way they like at DrupalCon and you may already have something in mind.

Join the General Contribution group and check out the topics listed in the Topics tab. Either join one that is relevant to you by commenting on it to alert the creator fo the topic or go ahead and make a new one in that group. Look in the group left sidebar - there will be a blue "Create Topic" button. 

When creating a Topic, try to explain to a reader what you are attempting together, provide a link to the issues you are working on, and indicate how you are communicating if not via comments on the topic itself (like a Slack channel).

What if I find a problem?

This platform is new and we are using it for the very first time - there may well be issues!

If you find a problem somewhere, then you can get help in the First Time Contributor's Workshop for the day but ALSO check the bug issue we have at https://www.drupal.org/project/mentoring/issues/3208557 and record it as a comment, if not already recorded. This might be your first ever contribution to Drupal!

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